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Get Pro Media


Get Pro Media is the program for the production and delivery of audiovisual content in arenas, sports complexes and stadiums. It aims to create a channel of greater interaction between the public present in these markets and the advertising market through dynamic actions of entertainment, advertising and merchandising.

Contract and transfer negotiation


Get Pro conducts transfer negotiations utilising a robust professional team comprising of Legal Counsel, a Chartered Accountant & a team of Administrators to ensure that all aspects of the agreement are covered, cross-checked, substantiated & ratified.


Image management


In this media savvy age it is critical for professionals in the public eye to ensure that they invest in their ‘personal brand’ to maximise the opportunities & value in their career. Get Pro works closely with players ensuring their portfolios are current, a complete profile comprising of videos with performance highlights, professional & ‘off-duty’ pictures, plus business & charitable associations to capitalise on brand partnerships & sponsorship.


Sports legal advice


Get Pro is a specialist in FIFA laws providing advice to football players & clubs. Advising on litigation & broader legal aspects of international sporting affairs.

Media and Communication Classes


Get Pro works with athletes’ to ensure that they are ‘match fit’ for media interaction in interviews & press conferences. Professional tutors offer media training & communication skills, ensuring that players are confident & articulate. Language courses in English, Spanish or French are also offered, grooming & enhancing the holistic development of the player.


Sports nutrition and Sports Medicine


Get Pro’s Sports Nutritionist works alongside our player’s throughout the year providing nutritional advice & guidance to maintain peak physical fitness, health & performance. Our Sports Medicine expert deals with treatment & injury prevention related to sport & exercise.


Social media updates


Get Pro’s team includes experienced business & creative professionals who work with our athletes helping them to build their own ‘personal brand’ across all mediums. Increasing their own personal profile, the profile of their respective clubs & interacting with their exuberant, loyal fans.

Get Pro Pre Season & Match Logistic


It is a high-performance sports program for professional soccer clubs, interested in carrying out their preparation and acclimatization in the “Country of Soccer”, Brazil.
Professionals soccer clubs can hold their pre-seasons and acclimatization games in Rio de Janeiro, in a center of excellence and high performance of soccer: Zico’s Soccer Center (CFZ).


Post match analysis, interactions and feedback with Beto:


As one of the most successful & influential player’s in Indian football, Beto is a personal mentor & guide to the players, offering pre & post-match analysis. Beto & the team scrutinise all player performances, providing performance analysis & reporting for continued growth & development.